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Logyard:     The logyard is mainly constructed by Linck and consists of a debarker, calibrated surveying, root reducer and 66 sorting decks.
Chipping saw:    

Sawn logs with a length from 2.40 m up to 6.50 m and with top diameter of 10 cm to 36 cm can be handled. Like the logyard the chipping-saw line is also mainly built by Linck. 10 machines set up in a single line process the logs in one pass and produce the timber assortments which the customer needs:

Chipper Canter V40
Cant turning device DV1
Chipper Canter V25
Profiler Unit F1
Saw Unit S1
Cant turning device DV2
Profiler Unit F1
Saw Unit S2
Horizontal Split Saw HK
Double Arbor Circular Saw MKV

The capacity of the mill is over 60,000 m3 in sawn timber per year in one shift.

You will find our assortment by the link “products”.

Additional services:    
Vacuum kiln drying with a capacity of about 300 m3
Band re-sawing machine for re-sawing boards and making wedges.
Planing and moulding machine with 9 shafts to produce your special moulding.
Double-cross-saw for producing roof battens, frames, boards for woven fences, etc.
Machine for p.e.t. (precise end trimmed) between 6,00 m and 0,25 m (± 0,0 mm)
Crosscutting machine to cut complete packages for pallets or boxes (± 2 mm)
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