Black Forest
Our vast green forests are the greatest natural resource in our area which gives its name to the “Black Forest”. To quietly walk among the trees, to hear the sounds, to see the colours and the shapes, to breath the clean fresh air is to experience the forest, its peace and its tranquility. Trees provide shade on a warm summer’s day, they protect our watershed areas and drinking water sources and by breaking the wind they help conserve valuable moisture. The next time you enter a forest, think of all the trees. Think of their importance – not just to you – but to all life.

Timber is the most significant re-growing raw material, we got as gift from mother nature. Consequently processing of timber is close to our heart. Careful treatment of this raw material is self-evident for us. Each single log is selected individually for its future purpose. The majority of the timber originates from the forests nearby. This is the only way to preserve and promote a forest like the German, rich in species and with high growing stock.

It’s our aim to meet our customers requirements best with our lumber. Satisfied customers are the foundation of our existence. It is important for us to entertain a fair relationship as partners with equal rights. This should take place in a free market, because this freedom is the precondition to a market where the power is balanced.

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